It all begun...with lots of summer fun!
Once upon a time there was a land, a land where every one who went there was entranced with the simplistic beauty of glass marble, where children had fun that was not complicated but the simple fun that their parents once knew and remembered so well; in a time when children would play for hours, when time went by so easily and happily.

When the children left the Land of Marbles they always wanted to go back and often became over excited in a fun way about the marbles they saw and loved to enjoy so much, it's was a place where Land of Marble meets Marble MANIA!
This special place still exists and now has a young ruler known as the The Marble King of Britain, Harli Jordean, this young King would not want to reign over anywhere else but the Land of Marbles, and one day hopes not just to rule over the Land of Marbles but a World of Marbles...

SBS Winner! Mixing With Theo PaphitisThe Marble King (UK) ©

I like creating a Buzz, I'm young, energetic and can afford to take risks...So took on Theo Pathitis from BBC Dragon Den!

Since wining the SBS competition I had some pretty huge order, it maybe a coincidence not sure, either way it's got to be good for my business to win to get even more people to know about my products, it was worth a tweet or should I say many, many tweets over time!

I was so happy to win, it took me 2yrs, I never gave up to achieve my goal and I had fun in the process!!

Winning the #SBS competition instantly affects you, spotlights your business, connects you to other businesses and business people, New and potential customers, all what you need to assist your business to continue to thrive, exciting times...


July 2009 is when it really started,

July 2009 is when it really started, this is when the Young MARBLE KING, Harli Jordean, started to collect marbles age just 6yrs, he really enjoyed looking at them, touching them, holding them, studying them and during this particular summer he played and lost all but a few whilst playing marbles for keeps with his friends.

In July of year 2010 he started playing marbles once again as did most of the children in his area, summer time in thee outdoors, he got much better and smarter at playing marbles, hence holding on to his very best marbles and even started to win some off the older kids too!

He was really hooked and MARBLE MANIA took hold, with not just him but with many of his friends too, this time to the extent it was his and many other kids favourite pastime, collecting, their hobby, a traditional play activity during the summer holidays of 2010. The fun and thrill these simple marbles gave them was surprisingly immense and kept them busy from morning to evening.

The MARBLE KING bought them, he talked them, he even dreamt about them, he lived to keep hassling his Mum for more and more of them to the extent he started searching the web and purchased some on-line, he told his friends and his friends did the same too, soon this was not good enough as he wanted to sell them too.

Everybody who knows this young man knew he just loved and was simply mad about marbles, his Mum even started to call him the MARBLE KING!

His Mum said 'You should be known as ‘MARBLE KING of Britain’ as your just manic about marbles'. 

'The dream of a Land of Marble where he would be Marble King started to take shape and MARBLE MANIA started to take hold...'


In 2011 this enterprising toy marble business started through the inspiration of a Young British Boy, 'The Marble King' as he is now known is lucky enough to be the founder and the MARBLE KING Mascot the dons his very own company website and Brand of MARBLE KING (UK) Tubby Tub of Marbles, his future destiny is to eventually open stores around the UK and even world...In good time. To take the overall leadership in running the business along with his behind the scenes co-partners his brothers when old enough to not have to go to school. Well, after all he is just an ordinary lad!

UPDATE The marble King (UK) become won of Theo Papthitis favorites business during SBS Sunday on 9th March 2014 check him out... The Marble King (UK) is a Winner, so say Theo Paphitis and now has a place on the winners website!!


He'll will always be the face of The MARBLE KING (UK) BRAND and continue to enjoy the glory of being a CEO and the fun & fame part or the business that goes along with being known around the world as one of the youngest business men in the entire world!

Each time you choose to purchase a marble product from you're helping to make a young king’s dream come true and helping make his future looks bright!

If you're interested to see what happens follow Harli Jordean or on Twitter @harlijordean or on Twitter @TheMarbleKingUK monitor the Marble King’s journey over the coming years, find out what becomes of the Young British Marble Kings’ enterprising venture into the business world and see if he'll eventually take the realm of his MARBLE KING Company where the whimsical world of Land of Marble meet Marble MANIA featuring of course The MARBLE KING (UK)™

Support the BRITISH MARBLE KING, tell your kids, tell others and SPREAD THE WORD of a Land of Marbles where everybody has MARBLE MANIA just like the Young British Marble King had that led to him creating MARBLE KING (UK)

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The Marble King (UK) 
M » A » R » B » L » E    M A N

If you are a marble fanatic just like the Marble KING then you've come to the right destination, Land of Marbles meets » » » » M » A » R » B » L » E    M A N I A!!!!!

It's a site for marble adult enthusiasts and kids alike, for both marbles players and serious marbles collectors, players of marbles. Collectors of marbles then this site is made for YOU!

Harli Jordean © 2010 -2014
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