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The MARBLE KING(UK) International has an exciting international business opportunity for select distributors worldwide. MARBLE KING(UK) selects exclusive international distributors to market its line of high quality, affordable toy products, while allowing its distributors the opportunity to earn attractive profit margins.

MARBLE KING(UK) International has sold products all over the world and are ready to partner with distributors worldwide to achieve success that benefits both the distributor and their customers. We design and manufacture our own products as well as supplying other products from our partners. MARBLE KING(UK) provide excellent value and quality to all our customers worldwide.

MARBLE KING(UK) along with it's youngest CEO Harli Jordean 'The World Youngest CEO' has a rise to fame and a fast growing reputation worldwide as the most popular and leader in high quality glass toy marble products, providing children with a fun and interesting way to develop their knowledge, creativity and learning skills and for and adults collectors to indulge their life long passion for glass orbs.

All the necessary support is provided to ensure your success and we are ready for you join our success in your country.

You can be confident becoming a distributor for MARBLE KING(UK) International for many reasons

You'll be representing a world know brand along with an everlasting nostalgia with product lines that never die, fulfilling a ongoing need in today's world marketplace!

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When contacting us please include:

1) If you sell products today, please tell us a little bit about the products you carry
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2) Please tell us why are you interested in owning and operating a MARBLE KING(UK) Distributorship
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3) If and how many retail locations do you already purchase for?

4) How do you currently market your products, ie Store Front, Catalogue, Website?

5) What geographical area are your interested in?

6) Please tell us how/where you heard about MARBLE KING(UK)
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